Making Better Food At Home

Honduran Coffee Beans Served Four Ways

If you grind you own coffee, consider trying Honduran beans. Honduras is known for its fine coffee, which boasts a deep, rich flavor with chocolatey and fruity undertones. While Honduran beans make a fine and tasty cup of coffee, there are other ways to enjoy their distinctive flavor beyond a simple brew. Feel like something different? Try your favorite Honduran coffee these four ways: 1. Frothy and Whipped Thick,whipped coffee is very trendy right now and typically made with instant coffee granules. Read More 

Tips For Your First Time Planning Catering For A Corporate Event

If you have been tasked with coordinating the catering for an upcoming event, you may be beginning to realize what a responsibility this really is. You're the one who is going to ensure everyone is well-fed and happy with the dining options throughout the day. So how do you go about doing that? How do you make sure the catering options you choose make your attendees happy? Here are a few tips. Read More 

Hosting A Baby Shower? Get Catering To Provide Appetizers For Your Guests

If a friend or family member is having a baby, you may have offered to host the baby shower. You'll want to do everything you can to impress them along with the other guests. Although you could spend a lot of time preparing homemade meals for everyone, this can require a lot of precision to make sure that everything tastes great and stays at the right temperature. An easy solution is to get catering for the baby shower. Read More 

Adventures In Catering: Food Experiences That Are More Than Food Delivery

There is catering, and then there are catering experiences. Catering experiences provide very unique methods of delivering food to hungry guests. Try any one of the following experiences at your next major party or conference and see how much livelier things are. Candy Land Catering Experience This catering experience brings to you all of your favorite candies displayed in fun and fanciful ways. Guests can "pluck" or "pick" their favorite candy treats from " Read More 

Seven Delicious Ways To End A Meal- That All Start With A Shot Of Espresso

Cap-off a great meal with a steaming cup of fresh-brewed espresso; but why not make it something special? Try these seven add-ins to make your cup of strong, black coffee even more delicious and satisfying after a meal with family, friends, or by yourself. If you don't imbibe in alcohol, consider substituting some of the liqueurs and spirits with non-alcoholic syrups and flavor extracts found online. End a meal or cap-off an evening with these seven add-ins for your perfect cup of espresso: Read More 

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Making Better Food At Home

When my college-aged kids moved home, they started talking with me about making healthier foods at home. We cleaned out our pantry and started focusing on buying better ingredients, and we worked hard day after day to hone our diets. After a few weeks, I could tell that the small changes that we had made were leading to real results. My waistline was skinnier, and I felt like I had a lot more energy. This blog is all about making better food at home and learning how to eat right--even if you have never done that before. You never know, you could enjoy a whole new take on life.