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Types Of Coffee Pods You Should Definitely Try

People sometimes assume coffee pods only consist of everyday, medium-roast coffee. They assume that brewing a coffee pod is the equivalent of making coffee from a classic grocery store brand. But this is not the case at all. As companies begin making and selling more coffee pods, the variety has greatly increased. Here are some types of coffee pods you should consider trying.

Single-Origin Coffee Pods

If you see some brand-name coffee pods that contain coffee from a single origin, definitely give them a try. You might see, for example, Colombian or Nicaraguan coffee in a coffee pod. While you might typically buy such coffees in a whole-bean form so you can try them fresh, buying them in a coffee pod is the next best thing. Since each coffee pod is individually sealed, the grounds stay a lot fresher than they do in a bulk pack. Single-origin coffee pods are a great way to get an idea of what each common coffee region has to offer.

Flavored Coffee Pods

If you like flavor in your coffee, choosing flavored coffee pods is a simple approach. Companies often sell vanilla, caramel, and even cinnamon-flavored ones. When you use these coffee pods, you can just add milk and sugar to your coffee. There's no need for additional flavored syrups or flavored creamers. Look out for some especially fun flavors around the holidays, such as gingerbread and peppermint.

Specialty Blend Coffee Pods

Some brands have their own specialty blends that they have created for different purposes or times of the day. For example, you might see a coffee marketed as a breakfast blend or a study hour blend. These coffee pods are great to try if you want to see what combinations of flavors the coffee companies have chosen to create. Plus, you can use them for specialized purposes. A breakfast blend, for instance, tends to contain plenty of caffeine and a robust flavor to wake you up.

Tea Coffee Pods

Technically, tea pods are not coffee pods, but there are a variety of tea pods, and they're worth keeping on hand. Pods filled with tea leaves, rather than coffee, give you an alternative when you want a hot beverage but are not in the mood for java. They also give you a really easy way to make tea.

Coffee pods are a lot more than commercial coffee packaged into little cups. Thanks to bigger brands entering the coffee pod scene, there are now lots of varieties to try. For more information, consider trying coffee pods, like Starbucks K-cup pods.

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