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Cold And Hot Subs For A Catered Office Party

Do you want to serve something delicious and filling at your annual office party? An Italian catering team can be hired to prepare cold and hot subs that will be well-suited for a mid-afternoon celebration. Choose your menu lineup and the manner in which the subs will be served.

Sub Ingredients

Contact the manager of an Italian eatery and request a menu that features the cold-cut subs and hot subs that they serve. Authentic Italian subs may contain Genoa salami, capocollo, prosciutto, red onions, Italian seasonings, and specialty cheeses.

An Italian baguette may be advertised as one of the main bread types that are used to construct subs. Choose a series of cold and hot Italian sub types that contain the exact ingredients and condiments that you and your guests like. When you actually place your order, you will need to know the average number of servings that each sub will provide. 

Your Order

There are several ways that you can order cold and hot subs. You can order subs by the foot. Large subs that are several feet in length or longer will provide plenty of food for a large amount of guests, plus will supply your office workers with the opportunity to customize the portion sizes they are given. You can order a series of standard-sized hot and cold subs and request that your catering team pre-slices them.

You can also order mini-subs. If you choose mini sandwiches, your catering team can prepare platters of each sub variety and display them on a table that is set up within the dining space for the party.


If you would like the sub ingredients prepared to order, but would like you and your guests to be able to prepare each sandwich, ask your head caterer about the possibility of setting up a sandwich assembly station. Your caterer can use a hot and cold food serving table to keep ingredients warm and fresh throughout the party. Heat lamps can be used to keep bread products warm.

If your catering team will be supplying dishes and silverware, these essentials can be stored alongside the area where the hot and cold ingredients will be displayed. Ask your head caterer about any other Italian specialties that will pair well with the subs you have selected. Antipasto or another Italian salad type may elevate the luncheon foods you have selected. Italian pastries will make a nice dessert for the social affair.

For more information, reach out to an Italian catering service near you.

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