Making Better Food At Home

4 Ways to Promote Holiday Grab-and-Go Restaurant Meals

As a restaurant owner, the holiday season is a great way to promote take-out and heat-at-home items. As people gather together with family members for holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving, you can provide a number of meal and side options that are easy to purchase from your restaurant and serve up at home. As you prepare for the increase in holiday meals, you can consider purchasing restaurant equipment. These pieces of equipment can help you prepare, serve, and keep the meals fresh for customers. Read More 

Christmas Craft Preparation: Creating A K-Cup Advent Calendar

The end of summer means the arrival of autumn and the eventual holiday season. For many people this is an ideal time to start planning out the holidays. This includes holiday traditions, presents, and crafts. Each year, a lot of people plan out special advent calendars to celebrate small gifts as a countdown to Christmas begins. If you have a coffee lover in your life, then you can supply them with a special advent calendar that features K-Cups. Read More 

Pizza & Picnics: 4 Tips For Enjoying The Food During Backyard Gatherings

When hosting backyard picnics during the summer, sometimes it's just too much work to cook up traditional foods like hamburgers and hot dogs. Instead, you can provide plenty of food for guests at the picnic by ordering pizza delivery for everyone. Pizza delivery can save you the hassle from cooking and creates easy to eat food options while roaming around outside during a party. Before picking up the phone and making your order, doing a little planning can ensure that the pizza is enjoyed and the process goes smoothly for your event. Read More 

4 Restaurant-Quality Mexican Sauces You Can Make At Home

If there's one thing that really takes Mexican cuisine from good to exceptional, it's a good sauce. Delicious Mexican sauces are easier to make than you might imagine. Here are four restaurant-quality Mexican sauces you can make at home and use to top everything from tacos to fajitas. Fresh Tomato Salsa This smooth, saucy salsa has quite a kick. You can tone down the spice by using fewer jalapenos if you prefer. Read More 

3 Ways To Enjoy Your Favorite Kind Of Chocolate Even More Than You Already Do

Do you describe yourself as a chocolate lover? Have you journeyed through every sweets shop and ordered samples from afar in a personal quest to find the primo box or bar of creamy cocoa, and do you feel confident that you've found the absolute best-tasting chocolate the world has to offer? While it may seem impossible to imagine, you can take your chocolate game to the next level. Here are 3 ways to enjoy your favorite kind of chocolate even more than you already do. Read More 

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Making Better Food At Home

When my college-aged kids moved home, they started talking with me about making healthier foods at home. We cleaned out our pantry and started focusing on buying better ingredients, and we worked hard day after day to hone our diets. After a few weeks, I could tell that the small changes that we had made were leading to real results. My waistline was skinnier, and I felt like I had a lot more energy. This blog is all about making better food at home and learning how to eat right--even if you have never done that before. You never know, you could enjoy a whole new take on life.