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Christmas Craft Preparation: Creating A K-Cup Advent Calendar

The end of summer means the arrival of autumn and the eventual holiday season. For many people this is an ideal time to start planning out the holidays. This includes holiday traditions, presents, and crafts. Each year, a lot of people plan out special advent calendars to celebrate small gifts as a countdown to Christmas begins. If you have a coffee lover in your life, then you can supply them with a special advent calendar that features K-Cups. The single-serve K-Cup designs are perfect for the advent calendar theme. By planning out and creating this craft, you can start a new holiday tradition for you and a loved one. Use this guide to make the calendar and brainstorm different ideas to help make it creative.

K-Cup Selection

As you plan the countdown to Christmas, you want to have a large variety of K-Cup options for the advent calendar. Ideally, you want to feature a different K-Cup design for each day until Christmas. There are plenty of different flavor options to choose from, including the Donut Shop K Cups. The Donut Shop K-Cups come in flavors that include original, decaf, nutty caramel, and coconut mocha among others. There is also a special holiday version of the Donut Shop K-Cup known as Holiday Buzz. Not only do these flavors offer a variety of options for your advent calendar, but each label features different colors and designs. The Donut Shop line is known for its distinctive donut graphic art with frosting and sprinkles on it. When each calendar day is opened up, it's fun to see how the different design appears.

When purchasing the K-Cups, you may have some leftover cups from specific packages you have purchased. If this is the case, then you can wrap all of the extra items into a gift box and then give it as an extra gift when the holiday season rolls around.

K-Cup Holders

When planning out a K-Cup advent calendar, you need to have a way to hold and organize all of the different single K-Cups. One way of doing this is by purchasing a K-Cup holder. A variety of holder designs feature secure spaces to hold 20 or more K-cups and keep them organized. The size of the holder can help determine the start date of the advent calender. For example, if you purchase a holder that features 30 spaces, then you can start the calendar on November 25th instead of December 1st. Once the calendar has been completed, the holder could actually be removed and used in the home for future K-Cup purposes. Many of the holders that you purchase can be wall mounted or placed directly on a kitchen counter.

Cover Up Designs

Once you have a K-Cup holder selected, you need to cover it up so that each flavor is kept hidden until the day it is supposed to be opened. As you plan out your craft, one of the easiest ways to cover up the holder is with a large cereal box. Purchase a box of cereal that is slightly larger than the K-Cup holder. Once the cereal box is emptied out, you can open the flaps on both ends and cut straight down one of the sides so that the box is completely flattened. Place the box flat on a table so that the inside face upward. Place the empty K-Cup holder over the box so that it sits evenly. Use a pencil to mark the corners of the K-Cup holder so that it will line up when you are putting together the final creation.

Once the corners are marked, you can use the pencil to trace around each of the empty holes and form a circle pattern on the box. This will help you line up the areas where door flaps need to be cut out. Once all of the holes have been traced, you can move the holder and use an artist knife to cut out each of the hole door openings. When cutting the holes, it's important to leave a half-inch section to create the small flap that can be open and shut on the calendar. Once this process is complete, you can put the box back together using scotch tape. Insert all of the K-Cup inside of the holder and slide it into the box. Ensure that each K-Cup lines up with the door openings and then secure the holder using tape or a hot glue gun.

You can add an extra festive touch by adding decorative holiday stickers, pieces of wrapping paper, or small holiday trinkets. A thick marker can also be used to label each door with a number for the countdown to Christmas.

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