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Pizza & Picnics: 4 Tips For Enjoying The Food During Backyard Gatherings

When hosting backyard picnics during the summer, sometimes it's just too much work to cook up traditional foods like hamburgers and hot dogs. Instead, you can provide plenty of food for guests at the picnic by ordering pizza delivery for everyone. Pizza delivery can save you the hassle from cooking and creates easy to eat food options while roaming around outside during a party. Before picking up the phone and making your order, doing a little planning can ensure that the pizza is enjoyed and the process goes smoothly for your event. By using the following four tips, you can ensure that your picnic goes smoothly and every slice of pizza is just as delicious as the last.

Multiple Deliveries

As you plan your picnic, it may seem easy to place all of your pizza orders at once and just have the items delivered to your home during the start of the picnic. This is not always the best option. The extra pizzas will get colder faster and lose their great fresh flavors. Instead, you can spread out the deliveries to two different times. One of the main benefits of this is getting your first delivery there faster. The restaurant will have less pizzas to prepare, allowing them to arrive at your picnic right when you intend to. During this order, you can set up the second order for three to four hours later. As guests get hungry and prepare for a second round of pizza, it will be nice to know that fresh pies are on their way. This can also provide later guests with some fresh food options at the picnic. Along with the pizza, the second order is a great way to add extra refreshments like extra bottles of soda or appetizers like chicken wings.

Picnic-Inspired Pizzas

Along with ordering traditional pizzas like cheese and pepperoni, you can take advantage of the picnic event with some specialty pizza orders. These orders are inspired by traditional barbecue foods and will give your guests the flavors of a traditional picnic. One of the more basic options is a ground beef pizza with cheddar cheese melted over the top of it. This is an ideal way to duplicate a cheeseburger. You can also order a specialty pizza like a barbecue chicken pizza. This pizza includes fresh chicken and is topped with swirls of barbecue sauce. The tangy sauce is a great summer tradition. As you plan your pizza order, try to think of different ways you can order custom pizzas for your picnic.

Pizza Labels

When guests go to grab a slice of pizza, opening and shutting each box can quickly cool the pizza off and introduce it to pests like flies. Instead of exposing the pizza over and over again, you can use printed labels to easily identify the pizza that you have ordered. Once the order is placed, you can type up individual labels for each pizza. You can also use free templates to type in the pizza types and add a decorative touch to your pizza options. Along with the toppings, you can include dietary restrictions like a gluten-free pizza. Once printed, the labels can be attached directly to the pizza boxes or to the edge of the table that it is sitting on. When people head up for a slice, they can easily find the pizza they want without lifting open each box.

Nighttime Reheating

As the picnic goes into the night, people may start craving a few extra slices for a nice snack. One of the easiest ways to reheat the pizza outside is by firing up the grill. Set on a medium heat, you can place a slice of pizza directly on a raised grilling rack for three to five minutes while the lid is shut. This will help add a nice crisp edge to the pizza and return the freshness back to each slice. If you own a larger grill, you can reheat four to six pieces at once, providing plenty of extra food for everyone at the party.

Planning ahead is a best way to ensure your food offerings go smoothly during the party. If the order is really large, contact the restaurant a few days in advance so they can have everything properly prepared.

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