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3 Tips And Tricks When Ordering Coffee Delivery For The Entire Office

Coffee is a staple for most Americans, as it is drunk by 83% of adults. There's nothing like a steaming cup of coffee to give you the kick you need to start your day. Most businesses and companies cover the cost of coffee for employees. If your office has a tendency to order from coffee delivery services, here are 3 tips and tricks your office should know.

Look for Companies that Put the Coffee in an Insulation Holder

When ordering from coffee delivery services, there's no telling how long it's going to take for your coffee to arrive. The amount of traffic that is on the road, along with how busy the coffee shop is, will play a part as to when the coffee will be delivered. If you hate it when your coffee gets cold, look for a coffee shop that will deliver the coffee in an insulation holder. The insulation holder keeps the coffee hot for longer, so that there's a higher chance that it'll at least still be warm to the touch when you take your first sip.

Request for Cream and Sugar on the Side

Everyone in the office likely has different preferences. While you might prefer having only one scoop or packet of sugar in your coffee, another coworker might prefer only adding cream to their coffee. It's not unusual for mixups to happen when giving exact orders. Instead, order individual brews of coffee, like a blonde roast or a dark roast, and have the creams and sugars on the side. This allows everyone to customize their cup of coffee to their liking without having to worry about mistakes happening.

Have the Coffee Be Poured into Cups One Size Up

It's easy for coffee to spill when en route. The delivery person only needs to tilt each cup of coffee by a little, and a disaster can happen. To prevent your cup of coffee from spilling, ask to have the coffees poured into cups that are on size larger. For example, if you ordered a small cup of coffee, ask the coffee shop to pour your coffee into a medium-sized cup. This gives the coffee more room to move and will also give you more room to add any cream, milk, or sugar into your cup of coffee without worrying about it spilling over.


If your office orders delivery from the coffee shop regularly, it's a good idea to reach out and see whether a special deal can be made. If not, see if the coffee can be delivered in bulk in a container or a kettle for a reduced price. You can also see whether the coffee shop will give staff members a deal if they order a cup of coffee and a pastry or some other specialty foods every morning.

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