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Mummified Grape Juice: How Amarone Wine Is Produced And Why You Should Value It

Most wines are made from pressing of freshly-picked grapes. Then the juice is fermented through the long process of wine-making. However, there are some wines that are not made from fresh grapes. Some of these wines are made from rotting grapes, dried grapes, or grapes infected with a fungus. While inexperienced wine imbibers shy away from these latter wines, you should not. Amarone wine is one that you should definitely try. Here is how it is made, and why you should value it enough to taste it just once.

From Grapes to Raisins to Juice to Wine

With Amarone wine, the freshly-harvested ripe grapes are separated from the vine and spread out on very dry mats to dry out. It is akin to mummification in that the grapes are dessicated into nearly shriveled up versions of their former plump selves. While there is yet still the tiniest bit of fluid left in the "raisins," the fruit is sent through a chopping and pressing process to extricate not only the remaining juice but also the intensity of flavor in the shriveled skins. It takes a really long time to go from vine to chopping and pressing, and an even longer time from pressing to an actual bottle of wine. 

What It Tastes Like

Imagine the driest and most bitter red wine you have ever tasted, crossed with a hint of prune juice. That is as close a description as you can get when talking about the taste of Amarone. Even though your palate might not enjoy it, consider the fact that Italian Kings and monks alike valued its bitterness and imbibed it during special holidays and events.

Why You Should Value It

First and foremost, this is the wine of Italian royalty. It was named after the Italian region from whence it came. It is the most authentic of Italian wines, and only a few come as close. The process required to produce the best bottles of Amarone means that only a small batch of wine can be produced each year, making it a wine collector's item. The uniqueness of its production and flavors make it a priceless wine in any wine cellar, as one can see from the price on every bottle of Amarone sold. All of the above factors, combined with the wine's rich history, make it a highly-sought after bottle of wine.

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