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Honduran Coffee Beans Served Four Ways

If you grind you own coffee, consider trying Honduran beans. Honduras is known for its fine coffee, which boasts a deep, rich flavor with chocolatey and fruity undertones. While Honduran beans make a fine and tasty cup of coffee, there are other ways to enjoy their distinctive flavor beyond a simple brew.

Feel like something different? Try your favorite Honduran coffee these four ways:

1. Frothy and Whipped

Thick, whipped coffee is very trendy right now and typically made with instant coffee granules. You can substitute these granules for finely-ground Honduran coffee; sieve the powder so that only the finest powder remains and use this for your whipped coffee. Add your desired amount of sugar and boiling water to the coffee powder and start whipping until stiff peaks appear; top a cold, half-full glass of milk with this whipped coffee concoction and enjoy.

2. Cowboy Style

Cowboy style coffee is a way of brewing coffee that requires the least amount of tools and is often utilized when camping or by those that live off-grid. Basically, grind your beans into a very-fine powder and stir into boiling water. Allow the grounds to steep and filter through a cheesecloth into your mug for a strong and hot cup of coffee that is rich and reminiscent of a good espresso.

3. Over Ice Cream

Try pouring your hot cup of cowboy coffee over a simple bowl of vanilla ice cream; this simple pairing is decadent and elevated in a way that is hard to describe. The combinations of hot and cold, sweet and bitter, is something that you must try for yourself. Since you are only using two ingredients, coffee and ice cream, make sure they are of the highest quality for best results.

4. In Crunchy Snacks

Coffee beans are full of fiber and can be a great sweet snack, too. Make sure to use roasted beans for the best flavor and simply dip or drizzle in melted chocolate for a simple and satisfying finish to a meal or dessert. Another popular way to enjoy crunchy coffee beans is chopped and added to dried fruits, seeds, and nuts for a trail mix with kick.

Try buying Honduras San Marcos Coffee Beans to serve these four ways- as well as to brew in the perfect cup of coffee. Visit specialty stores and coffee roasters, both on-site and online, to find quality, roasted Honduran coffee beans, which will soon be your new favorite! 

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