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Adventures In Catering: Food Experiences That Are More Than Food Delivery

There is catering, and then there are catering experiences. Catering experiences provide very unique methods of delivering food to hungry guests. Try any one of the following experiences at your next major party or conference and see how much livelier things are.

Candy Land Catering Experience

This catering experience brings to you all of your favorite candies displayed in fun and fanciful ways. Guests can "pluck" or "pick" their favorite candy treats from "trees" and "gardens." If you can imagine a world that is all candy, the caterer can bring it. This is a form of specialty catering that has become very popular at children's birthday parties, weddings, and Sweet 16 celebrations. 

High Tea Catering Experience

Garden parties and High Tea; the two go together like hibiscus flowers and, well, tea. For your High Tea catering experience, the caterer brews a traditional London tea served in places like Harrod's of London. The tea is always served in fine bone china pots or fine silver. The tables are always set with fine, crisp linens and decorated with fresh-cut flowers. To accompany your tea, the caterer provides traditional watercress sandwich triangles, petit-fours, a series of other delightful finger-ready desserts and goodies. For entertainment, a string trio or quartet or a harpist is typical of High Tea. High Tea experiences may be used for wedding showers, baby showers, garden parties, housewarmings, etc.

The Hibachi Caterer

Japanese hibachi chefs provide dinner and a show. If you have ever wanted hibachi for your event, but wanted it at your event and not in a restaurant, find yourself a mobile hibachi caterer. These caterers bring their own hibachi grills, set them up in your venue, and provide guests with a show while cooking up Japanese barbecue with flair.

Traveling Hawaiian Luau

Roasted on a spit; nothing says "Hawaiian luau" quite like a whole roasted pig. At a special event, a whole roasted pig serves a lot of people too. There are caterers that bring the whole luau, with fire dancers included, right to your venue. After the fire dancer show, gorge on fresh-cut pineapple, spit-roasted pig, and other traditional Hawaiian foods that are reserved for special occasions. Significant wedding anniversaries and outdoor summer parties work best due to the fire dancers' entertainment, but you may be able to have your luau just about anywhere if you want to skip the fire dancer's entertainment and just eat.

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Making Better Food At Home

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